Group Facilitation

POV Collaborative consultants are experts in Group Process Facilitation. We facilitate groups working in small project teams to large whole organizational strategic events. We work with groups in the private, public, academic and nonprofit sectors.

As Process facilitators, we hold to these basic facilitation tenets:

  1. We serve as a guide to help people move through a process together. We are not subject-matter opinion leaders, but rather FACILITATORS whose role is to draw out opinions and ideas of the group members.
  2. We focus on how people participate in the process of learning, planning, or arriving at solutions. Collaborative outcomes and achievements are winning by-products of our work.
  3. We play a neutral role and never take sides in disparate opinions.
  4. We design and plan the group process, and select the facilitative methods that best help the group progress towards outcomes.
  5. We Guide and control the group process to ensure:
    1. Effective participation.
    2. Participants achieve a mutual understanding.
    3. All contributions are considered and included in the ideas, solutions or decisions that emerge.
    4. Participants take shared responsibility for the outcomes.
    5. Outcomes, actions and questions are properly recorded, action items are assigned, and organized for ongoing success tracking.

POV consultants are experts in planning, guiding and managing group events. We ensure the group’s objectives are met effectively, with clear thinking, good participation and the opportunity to buy-in from everyone who is involved. We focus purely on the group process. The POV “group process” is the approach used to manage discussions, get the best from all participants, and bring the event through to a successful conclusion. Our secret ingredients is to create group processes that flow – and with it will flow the group’s ideas, solutions, and decisions. We believe our responsibility as facilitators is to create this group process and an environment in which it can flourish.

We help the group reach collaborative, successful decisions, solutions or conclusions. We begin our process by first understanding the group’s desired outcomes, the background challenges, and desired intent /context of the meeting or event.