Our Coach it Forward series of offerings encourage leaders to apply the coaching skills and techniques we use to develop other leaders. We believe a Leader’s primary responsibility is to COACH winning leadership skills with others. POV consultants work with leaders to develop multiple mechanisms for changing behavior and improving organizational effectiveness.

Our “Coach it Forward” series of offerings include:

  1. Strategic planning and goal setting
  2. Meeting Facilitation Skill Development
  3. Assessment Administration and Debrief Skills
  4. Group Conflict Management and Team Building
  5. Role Definition and Clarification
  6. Living and Coaching Inclusion Strategies
  7. Leadership Coaching
  8. Work climate assessment
  9. Work Stream Strategy, Process Analysis and Redesign
  10. Mission and Vision Development
  11. Training Skills Delivery

Our clients are organizations in the private sector, public sector, academic and non-profit communities. We COACH leaders and managers who are responsible for the productive progress of others. Through intensive processes of assessment, goal setting, and clarification of strategic intent, we provide leaders with the tools they need for comprehensive reflection and re-envisioning of their Leader skills. As consultants with a specialized practice area in LEADER COACH effectiveness, we support the initiatives of senior leadership. To do this, we help leaders learn to coach others to leverage projects in alignment with other improvement efforts taking place throughout the organization.

Leaders can’t afford to ignore issues that detract from their organizations, nor those that could become more serious problems if not handled effectively. That’s why it is important for LEADERS to become COACHES as they build a LEADER COACH environment….COACH IT FORWARD!!!